New Specials

This year there are lots of new features for everyone to discover. ART…ESSENZ 2019 is a chance to watch live painting, create your own works under professional guidance in art classes and take part in guided tours around the art fair.

Meet at the Info Point in the art fair ART…ESSENZ 2019
Art classes are limited to 6-10 participants each. First come, first served – and everyone else can either learn by watching or join the next art class. The guided tours and the live tube painting can cater for about 25 people.

Jakob Reh, 2019, Tubedots 2

Live Tube Painting

Fri, 23 August, 6:30 pm: live tube painting by Jakob Reh with kebab skewer & acrylic paint gun

Be on the scene while Russian artist Jakob Reh applies the press gun. His tube painting technique is distinctive because he prints or paints dots straight from the tube with fascinating three-dimensional results. He uses the kebab skewer to work on details. At ART…ESSENZ 2019 he will create a new work live on site.

Art Classes

Fri, 23 August, 7 pm: “just enjoy” – Painting with Tonia R. Alvarez

Tonia R. Alvarez speaks to all our senses with her art. Her paintings convey empathetic insights into women’s souls. In her art class the Spanish artist will demonstrate her light touch with watercolours and will guide you as you create multi-facetted forms on paper in ink, crayon and paint.

Sat, 24 August, 5 pm: “forever young” – Special portraits with Michael Auth

Michael Auth is a master of the fast brush. In his art class “forever young” he will show you how to make watercolour portraits on paper and canvas with a brush and not much paint. His artistic style is Expressionist, with the paint applied quickly without corrections or varnish. He will share that technique with you.

Sat, 24 August, 7 pm: “your own frame” – Create your own content with Wolfgang Leonhardt

Wolfgang Leonhardt will bring along empty frames to your art class so that you can create your own content from a range of materials. Your work will go on show in Berlin in November, together will all the other works entered for the 10th Jury-Free Art Exhibition, which Leonhardt organises annually. What is unusual about this show is that anyone can take part, and at the end there is a big draw, so everyone takes a work home – just not their own.

Sun, 25 August, 3 pm: “imagine your superpowers!” – Make a personal intaglio with Anna Käse

This art class with Anna Käse is an opportunity to discover your superpowers. The artist will show you how to scratch a motif into a polymer plate using a steel needle and then to rub it with intaglio ink. The printing press will produce three copies for you, so you can take your “superworks” home straight away and retreat into your “fantasy thought bubble” whenever you feel like it.

Heike Munser, Paintbrush

Sun, 25 August, 5 pm: “for daily use” – Draw everyday utensils with Heike Munser

Heike Munser will bring paper and pencils along to her art class, but also items of everyday use that we all pick up daily without giving them much thought. But to understand what makes every object special, we must look closely. When we draw a bottle top, a hairbrush or a kitchen gadget in careful detail, we discover its amazing beauty – and that is what Heike Munser wants to share with you.

Guided tours: daily at 6 pm

From 23 to 25 August there will be a guided tour of ART…ESSENZ 2019, enabling visitors to find out more directly from the artists themselves and gather some interesting insights.