Artists 2019

Rüdiger Neick



For the last four years, Rüdiger Neick has used scratchboards along with ink drawings as a form of expression. Unlike two-dimensional creations on paper, scratchboards provide opportunities to create reliefs, providing the artist with the best way to reproduce light and shadow, in other words, the entire range of tension found in cities. 

Whereas traditional drawings add color, this technique partially removes the black layer, allowing an immediate depiction of light. His objective is to bring his own perspective to well-known places. He began with images of his native city of Berlin. He has since begun processing impressions of landscapes and cit-ies during his travels, like those of New York City. In his work for this year’s edition of ART…ESSENZ, Rüdiger Neick shows the chaos and severity, the beauty and ordinariness of Manhattan. 

Image in Edition 2019

The Big Bubble

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