Artists 2018

Barbara Höpper


At Second Glance

Barbara Höpper worked with the mentally ill for many years. By seeing things through their perspective, she learnt not to rely on first impressions, but to seek a holistic approach and address her subject from different angles. This skill is reflected in her photography. The two series on show here, “Cold Fire” and “Glow”, were made in 2016 and 2017, and they offer the viewer a new perceptive take. The series “Glow” turns our gaze on filament light bulbs, seeking to hone our sensitivity for the aesthetics of everyday objects.

In her work for the ART…ESSENZ Edition, Höpper tackles the theme in an abstract manner, departing from forms and structures in the original material to transform the “light bulb”. Rudimentary vestiges and altered structures combine into a new optic, enabling the viewer to stand back from the everyday object.

In other works in this series, the marriage of light bulbs and stairwells completes the transformation: what we see is no longer a utensil but an art object.

Website Mal Mal im Pott 

Image in Edition 2018


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