Przemek Zajfert


Irreversible - Emergence and Decay

For ART...ESSENZ Przemek Zajfert has developed a project called "Irreversibel - Entstehen und Vergehen" ("Irreversible - Emergence and Decay"). This is a special calendar, which starts with the year of the artist's birth. The first frame contains light-sensitive photographic paper, the second a pinhole camera with light-sensitive paper on which the whole year of photography is created and the third frame contains the exposed photography of the previous year. Every time you look at the picture, it gets dark and disappears - irreversible. It is a homage to Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and the first fleeting photography of the world, which he produced in May 1816.

Niépce coated a piece of paper with silver nitrate and placed it in a Camera Obscura. He placed the camera on the windowsill of his study. After a couple of days he took the paper out and found a visible image. A negative photograph. Where more light had fallen, the silver nitrate had faded. The result was a scaled-down image of the view from his window. The problem with this technology was and is that the process of exposure continues once the camera has been opened.

Image in Edition 2016


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