Andrea Sroke


Heads and Faces

The topic of faces has fascinated Andrea Sroke for years. Sometimes she allows herself to be inspired by real faces, but most of the time she creates them from her imagination. Every head reflects her emotions at the time. It is the similarity with the relevant mood that fascinates the artist. She has recently taken to capturing this transience in watercolors as well as acrylic. Sroke begins with a sparce drawing, which may be partially embedded in and overlaid by the colors. Freehand drawing with graphite, charcoal and oil pastels is another key feature of this stage. Contours are established in order to delineate the heads from their backgrounds, with which they often merge due to the chosen color composition. Graphic traces and structures are left behind in the faces and in the subsurface. The partial blending of the colors and shapes of the figures and their background is intentional, highlighting the ambivalence between people and their environment. 

Image in Edition 2016

Woman with red hair

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