Boyong Kim


The works of Boyong Kim emerge through a slow process. The basis is a background with colored structure, which is overlaid with lines. The images have the effect of being seen from a speeding train, which blurs the outside world like an illusion of colors in the landscape. The main aim of the artist is not, however, to represent nature, but instead to show the harmony of the color tones. Only acrylic paint is used, and this is applied very slowly onto the canvas using various brushes so that the lines can be clearly seen. The colors gradually build up in layers, giving a sense of a deeper level.

Through multiple repeated process steps of applying and blurring, Boyong Kim achieves a transparent atmosphere. In this way, she tries to play with the lines. At times, the effect is luminous, at other times sublime. Boyong Kim is currently focusing on the intensive use of blue nuances. 

Image in Edition 2016


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