Anna Käse


Build yourself the world you want!

Our imagination lets us turn clouds into sheep. Shadows in the night look like cruel monsters. They allow us to give content to terms like anticipation, wanderlust and wishful thinking and thus enable a whole world to form in our head. This is a gift that Anna Käse has refined in her new work "Bau Dir deine Welt, wie sie Dir gefällt!" ("Build yourself the world you want!"). This consists of twelve different etchings, each one forming quarter of a world. When you put four quarters together, you build your own little world. The world pieces show various things, realized by Anna Käse in a minimalist fashion, so that viewers have more space to use their own imagination. They serve as symbols that can be filled with content. For the ART...ESSENZ Edition, she intends to print a whole globe on handmade paper, using all twelve quarters to create three planets. 

Image in Edition 2016

I'll make my own world

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