Kelly Jang

Photography / Painting

Kelly Jang is a Korean artist who deals with the transience of beauty and life. Her artistic starting point is the still life, which holds fast nature, motionless yet transient, forever. Jang also addresses this subject’s role in art history. Still lifes originated in Ancient Egyptian grave inscriptions depicting opulent foods intended for the afterlife. This subject has always involved transience and death.

Jang takes the traditionally painted still life and adds other media to it: photography and sculpture. She photographs her subjects and paints them. The idea is to look at inanimate objects again and again in order to find new answers to the question of where they came from and whether they will survive. Her works also make reference to traditional Korean death rituals where the deceased is carried once more through their home village, accompanied by music and colorful decorations. Life is celebrated, rather than death mourned. 

Image in Edition 2016

Stay in it

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