Manon Grashorn


The artist Manon Grashorn lives and works in Weimar. Her art reflects her efforts to make sense of the philosophical dichotomy between preserving and losing intellectual and spiritual content: Which collective and individual memories are stored and maintained, what is archived, what is forgotten or simply fades away? Accordingly, her work features empty or sealed cartons, boxes tied with string, open shopping bags, empty chairs. And it’s not always clear if these containers which are grouped close to one other are empty or if there's already something inside them. Equally, what is happening in the picture is not put into any context by the surroundings. Her fragmented yet calm style of painting in a monochromatic palette creates spaces which exude a distinct, idiosyncratic energy. It’s the fleeting moments inherent in human life that are important and precious to Grashorn, captured before they vanish in an instant.

Image in Edition 2016


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