Eyleen Beetlewood


We are animals

The work of Eyleen Beetlewood is dominated by the subject of animals. They appear in many different manifestations, be it as the endangered armadillo, as a pig, a sly fox or an owl. Her colors are very intensive and the shapes bold. Some of the figures have human features. However, these are not meant to be reflections of people, but more a suggestion or even a fable.
While the pictures vary greatly in terms of background character, which may be agitated, witty or sad, they always have a clean, striking impact. The color red runs like a thread through these works. The vibrant color palette is designed to cheer the viewer. Some of the motifs may make you grin. A new feature of her work is that Beetlewood has added her own short stories, fairy tales or poems to some of her pictures. Her idea is to give the picture a “frame”, rather than letting it stand alone in the space.


Image in Edition 2016


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