atelier meintke & behder


"Stadtlandschaften", "Stummer Dialog" & "Collagen"

Friederike Meintke and Hartmut Behder are constantly experimenting in their work with a variety of different spatula and collaging techniques. In their joint group of works "Der Stumme Dialog" (or "The Mute Dialogue"), they adopt their own experimental working methods, using materials such as asphalt varnish, plaster, pigments, sands, oils, inks, acrylics, rust, patina, historical newspapers etc. to create a spatial texture with open-pored surfaces. The cracks and tears give rise to exciting landscapes that are fascinating in their complexity.

In her "Stadtlandschaften" ("City Landscapes") group, Friederike Meintke reduces this method of working and develops it to create a new architectonic world of experience. Her abstract work in paint in the "Collagen" ("Collages") series is a celebration of color, which she deploys in a dynamic, improvised way. 

Image in Edition 2016


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