Strange Characters

AMROT is a sculptor who works with bronze, wood, stone and mixed media. With an almost archaic stylistic vocabulary, his designs hint at faces, sitting and standing figures or animals. His works reflect a reality of life that is not exclusively optimistic.  The cracks and notches refer to the difficult patches, whereas smooth, soft parts represent harmonious, positive experience. AMROT brings together these contrasting conditions and paths in his sculptural works which themselves become a visual experience and despite their technical quality, they never become merely pleasing to the eye. His pursuit of ambiguous, intended expression demands an intellectual and creative examination of the subject of each individual sculpture. Each new figure is initially made as a clay or plaster model. He then takes the shape from this model as the base for the castings. And then in turn, depending on their material, they are finished in detail. At ART...ESSENZ, the sculptor is mostly presenting his smaller reliefs and sculptures in editions of approximately 8 copies which, with their different paint design, are practically unique. 

Image in Edition 2016

Relief Torso X

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